An introverted person has the ability to go into silence with a peaceful mind and clear conscience.  In this silence there is a depth of wisdom and experience.  Introverted people express themselves after careful thought and consideration.  They have a nature of looking within themselves first before they express.  Those who are introverted carry no baggage of the past or fear of the future.  They are fully present and observe people, situations and life with mercy, compassion and understanding.

The opposite of introversion is extroversion.  When we loose our internal focus, our attention then is drawn outside, we become extroverted when we loose the depth of wisdom and contentment.  We can find that situations and people occupy a lot of space in our minds.  This causes the self to become heavy, burdened and empty.  Some of the signs of this is anger, ego and jealousy.  Battling with all this negative energies can make one become very tired and irritable.  In such cases the intellect can become confused and lack clarity of judgement, which in turn makes one vulnerable to external influences.
The method to overcome extroverted attitudes is to keep feeding the mind with pure, positive and elevated thoughts.  Keep reading, listening and watching things that are filled with significance, meaning and purpose.  Surround yourself with those who make effort to remain introverted and spiritually engaged at all times. Whatever you feed yourself is whatever you are going to give out to others.
The soul is happy when it is content and full.  In this stage it has the power to look within the subconscious and clean the sins that are latent in it.  The energy required to clean the sins is only found in the supreme soul, God the almighty authority.  Taking spiritual power from God in silent times can fill the soul with light and might.  It is important to keep this light and might topped up in the soul because it is then that my weaknesses can be visible to me and I would have the power to then transform them.  Everyday keep a watch on your inner world, of thoughts, feelings and behavior because whatever you think you will become.

icon reflective question

1. How do I misjudge the quality of introversion by thinking it could be loneliness or isolation?  Discuss the difference.
2. At what times does extroversion behavior take over in your lives?  How can we change this when it comes?
3. Remember times in your life when you were introverted and what did that feel like for you?
4. What are the signs of introversion in people, the self and the world?
5. How can introversion be of value in groups,  teams and families?
6. How do you deal with extroverted individuals whilst at work?

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