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Each one of us has an inner life and an outer life. Our outer life is what is visible to the world - what we have, what we look like, what positions we hold, what we do or even what we say. The outer life is an image of ourselves that we present to the world - in other words how we want the world to perceive us and see us. We spend all out time to preserve, protect, defend or sustain this outer image. Often times it takes something traumatic like a death, facing illness or loss that shatters that image and forces us to look at the inner life. Why? It is at moments like those that we realise that “true meaning” in life is based on my inner world of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, spirituality and experiences. Many times we ignore this aspect of ourselves, since it is the invisible part of ourselves.

Respect for God
It’s easy to think about self-respect and respect for others, but what does it really mean to have respect for God? First, we need an understanding of who God is and what He actually does. If we understand that God is the remover and sorrow and bestower of happiness, then as God’s child, it gives an indication of how we should interact with others; it’s a question of understanding what God values. God values every single one of us and so we need to value each other. Every time we perform an action we can ask ourselves ‘is this an action that God would like’?

Simplicity in Relationships

Every single human being needs to feel loved, valued, respected and appreciated. Our relationships become the means through which these basic needs are met.  They allow us to express the love, peace and happiness that we are.  Unfortunately, most of us tend to put the task before the relationship, so that the ego can feel a sense of achievement.